Health Benefits of A Nuru Massage


Health Benefits of A Nuru Massage

Nuru massage, which is also known as a body slide is a very good massage for your body. Nuru is a Japanese term that means slippery. It is a form of erotic massage and it is gaining more and more popularity day by day. The massage is only possible with the help of the key ingredient called nuru gel. Without the presence of the nuru gel, the massage cannot be completed. The nuru gel is odourless and harmless to the body. It is made up of seaweed called Nori. Moreover, the nuru gel contains natural antioxidants, which are responsible to moisturize the body. In this massage, the customer can get wet, tantalise his senses, get, as wild as he can and he will never dry.

The gel is transparent is easy to wash. This massage works best when the lights are dimmed, there are rose candles all around, the soft music is running and the room is clean and tidy. The more the masseuse runs her body, the better you are aroused and you can invoke your sensuality. You do not need to focus on anything else, just you, your masseuse and your senses. Nuru massage Nyc is a naturist massage where both the masseuse and the customer are completely naked. The masseuse will explore each and every corner of your body with the help of her soft fingers. Feel her over your butts, chest, your dick, toes, hair, and face and so on. Allow her to capture your whole body and get a new perspective about intimacy and comfort. Both the parties need to participate in the massage and no one should slip off from each other’s body.

Nuru is not only concerned with sexuality but it has a number of health benefits as well. First, the nuru gel contains nutrients and vitamins that keep your skin hydrated and elastic. All the fatty deposits of the body are disseminated and there is no occurrence of cellulite. The massage helps in blood circulation and it is extremely good for soothing the muscles. The massage helps to reduce acute pains, stress, boosting the digestive system and improve the immune system of the body. The nuru gel is the best gel for massage and its benefits cannot be compared with any other massage gels available in the market.

Your skin, body and mind will be tantalised once the massage is over. You will have a new self once your exit the massage parlour.