3 Sensual Massage Techniques You Should Be Using Before Sex


3 Sensual Massage Techniques You Should Be Using Before Sex

Well, if you are looking forward to have an amazing sex experience with your partner, you need to assure some of the things in the bedroom. You can introduce some sensual massage techniques in New York to excite and invoke your partner. The more you prolong the foreplay and the sexual tension, the more she will be eager to have sex with you.

Learn a few techniques of sensual massage in New York and let your partner go wild with her sensuality. Here are some of the reasons why the sensual techniques work:

  1. When your girl is completely relaxed, she will be able to enjoy multiple orgasms in a short time.
  2. Massage will let you enjoy the foreplay for a long time and you and your partner will be able to hold the excitement of the sex for much longer time.
  3. Try out new massage techniques every time you go to bed with your partner and enjoy the moment fully.

Here is how you should prepare the bedroom:

  1. Set the right mood
    Never start the massage when the mood is not right. Check her mood and if she is not in mood, try to lift the mood before you indulge yourself into something erotic. Try out the following things:
    • Dim the lights, as that will relax her senses. You can buy some table lamps to decorate the room.
    • Spread a towel on the bed so that the bed sheet does not get dirty after the session.
    • Keep the room temperature perfect for the massage.
    • Infuse some incense such as scented candles, rose petals to lift the mood.
  2. The Oils
    The next thing you should focus on is the oil you are going to use for your partner. Look for oil that stays lubricated for a longer period of time and 100% natural.
    • The grapeseed oil is one of the best oils for massage. It does not irritate girls and their vagina when you use finger stroking.
    • Rose oil is used to romance specially.
    • The sandalwood oil has therapeutic benefits as well.
  3. There are a number of oils available in the market, you can choose as per your convenience.

  4. The sensual massage techniques
  5. You do not need plenty of oil for massage, just keep the right amount with you and you will have a good massage session. Use your hands in circular movements and try to stroke the body gently. There are areas that need attention on her body and you need to look for those knots.

    Start from the back and after rubbing her back, tell her to turn slowly in front and play with her boobs, stomach, arms and legs. You can massage her feet as well.

    Reach the lower region after the massage is over and at last you can tickle her vagina and by this time, she will be completely yours to fulfill your desires.