How To Give A Sensual Massage


How To Give A Sensual Massage

A sensual body massage is a body massage where the massage giver massages the receiver using the most erotic, relaxing and deep massage techniques that bring a plethora of pleasure to the receiver.

The advantage of a sensual body massage is that it has a host of physical and mental health benefits, ranging from stress relief, improved blood circulation, better muscle and bone health, relief from skin conditions, improved emotional state, improved body balance, relief from muscular pains and aches and many more.

Most importantly, a sensual body massage promotes comfort in one’s own skin, boosting confidence, and creating a pleasant and attractive personality.

How to give a sensual massage?

When in a romantic relationship, a sensual massage can help to take it to the next level and seal the emotional bond. Partners are further attracted to each other and this results in a much better relationship, with a lesser place for conflicts and arguments.

Here is how one can give the best sensual massage –

  • Choose an ideal location. You can choose to go to a studio that specializes in sensual body massage, like the Massage Crush in New York, or you can choose to use your own home to do it. When on a vacation, a hotel room can be your best bet to give and get a sensual massage.
  • Once you have chosen your location, put some effort into creating an ambiance that encourages romance and intimacy. Scented candles, soft décor, and sensual music and soft lighting can help to really set the mood.
  • Select the right products for the massage. Understand the problems that your partner has and use products to alleviate them.
  • Using scented massage lotions and oils to rub your partner’s body with deep, long and short strokes in just the right places.
  • Try to understand and feel your partner’s body. Their reaction will tell you exactly what they like and what they want. Empty your mind of other things and just concentrate on bringing pleasure to your partner.
  • Let the massage session last for at least an hour, where you only shower all your interest and attention on your partner and their body. Find your own pleasure in touching them.
  • Once you are done giving a massage, you can either choose to get intimate or not. However, with the heightened excitement, the sensual massage will most likely end with an intimate climax.
  • If you are planning to get a massage in return, let your partner know in advance. Take some time in between the two sessions. It gives the time for your partner to absorb, feel and experience all the sensations that they have been subjected to.

What happens when you give a sensual massage to your partner?

  • You are setting a new relationship goal. It adds more meaning to your relationship, and your partner will appreciate you more.
  • When you do something for your partner, it is only natural that your partner will want to do something for you as well. This brings about a balance in the relationship.
  • When both the partners explore each other in the most intimate way, it brings a connection between the two, that transcends the traditional boundaries of a relationship.