Health Benefits of Nuru Massage


Health Benefits of Nuru Massage

A Nuru massage is an ancient Japanese Erotic Massage technique. It involves covering the massage giver’s body with a clear gel, made from the Nori seaweed and using her own body to massage the receiver’s body. It involves deep and intimate physical contact between the masseuse and the client and brings about immense pleasure to the clients.

Nuru Massages have several health benefits associated with it. Massages, in general, promote good health. However, a Nuru massage is even more special. The body-to-body contact triggers a sense of happiness and fulfillment that a traditional massage cannot.

What are the health benefits of a Nuru body massage?

Removes toxins from the skin

The Nori seaweed gel that is used for the Nuru massage has some amazing skin benefits. It helps in making the skin soft, smooth and supple. It helps in removing the toxins from the blood and eradicating them through the skin. The result is increased strength and vigor in the body.

Pain Relief

Pain relief is undoubtedly one of the biggest benefits of anybody massage. Nuru massage goes a step ahead, as the body-to-body contact allows deeper pressure to be applied on the tissues, thereby giving a long-lasting and effective relief from pain.

Blood Circulation

Deep physical contact and increased pressure on the skin and the nerves causes an increased circulation of blood in the body. This is perhaps the most important health benefit of a Nuru massage. The feeling of pleasure and the benefits of touch therapy results in optimum blood circulation. This increased circulation causes the body functions to work properly, making the person receiving the massage feel healthy and vigorous.

Strengthens Immunity and Strength

The deep pressure on the muscles causes them to rebuild properly with increased strength. The blood circulation improves the immunity of the body.

Improved Flexibility

As a result of the improved ability of the body to build muscles because of the massage, flexibility is greatly improved, giving a larger range of motion and muscle strength.

Improved Posture

Improved flexibility and blood circulation gives relief from pain. As a result, people stop slouching and having other bad posture habits, resulting in a more beautiful and attractive personality.

Improved Bone Health

As the result of improved blood circulation, bone health is also improved. More nutrients are supplied to the bone because of the massage, and the muscles and tissues connect better with the skeletal system.

Improved Emotional Connect

The most profound impact is on the emotional aspects of a person. A Nuru massage rejuvenates and improves a person’s ability to connect and bond with another person. This is because of the touch therapy, that helps a person connect at an emotional level with another human being. Endorphins that are released because of the massage also helps the person to make a deeper connection with another person.

Improved Bone Health

As the result of improved blood circulation, bone health is also improved

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