5 Health Benefits Of Body To Body Massage


5 Health Benefits Of Body To Body Massage

A massage, in general, is extremely beneficial to everyone. Conditions such as stress, muscle aches, and pains, emotional problems can be successfully treated with regular massages. Under the hands of skillful masseuses, a massage can open the blocked energy channels of the body and promote a feeling of well-being.

Surprisingly, an erotic massage can open a plethora of health benefits. While not many people talk about this, it is no secret that erotic massages are being practiced since the ancient times and is often seen as a pure and spiritual journey towards well-being.

What is a body to body massage?

A body to body massage involves a masseuse using her own body to massage a client’s. It involves deep and intimate physical contact, the use of body weight and special strokes to help a client relax.

Since a body-to-body massage involves deep skin contact, it brings a lot of pleasure to the clients and also helps to improve emotional well-being.

What are the health benefits of a body-to-body massage?

The biggest benefit of a body-to-body massage is perhaps the ability to bond that it brings about in a person. There are other health benefits as well, which are listed below –

  • 1.Pain Relief

    A body-to-body massage uses the masseuse’s body weight for massage. This helps in applying deeper pressure on the muscles and joints that ache. The heavier pressure results in more blood flowing through the body parts, thereby resulting in pain relief. A body-to-body massage also results in the release of hormones called endorphins, which help in relieving pain.

  • 2.Blood Circulation

    Increased circulation of blood is perhaps the most notable health benefit of a body-to-body massage. The application of pressure, the feeling of pleasure and the benefits of touch therapy all result in an increase of blood circulation. An increased blood circulation allows nutrients to be distributed properly within the body, and it causes the body functions to work properly and promote a feeling of health and well-being.

  • 3.Strengthens Immunity and Strength

    Heightened blood circulation can result in an increase in immunity. It also causes the cells in the body to be rejuvenated, thanks to the circulation. Muscles and other organs start to function better, which results in strength, vitality and increased immunity from common ailments.

  • 4.Improved Flexibility

    As a result of good blood circulation and better assimilation of nutrients, the muscles of the body are built stronger and they become suppler, resulting in good flexibility. Also, pain-relief that the massage provides improves the range of motion of the muscles and helps increase the vitality of the body. The body starts to look and feel younger.

  • Improved Posture

    Since the body-to-body massage helps to improve the muscle strength and composition, the body posture is improved automatically. Most of the attention is concentrated on the back and spine during the body-to-body massage. This helps in removing any niggling pain in the lower back and the spine areas. It helps to correct the alignment of the spine, thereby, improving the posture.

While all these benefits are at a physical level, the most profound impact is on the emotional aspects of a person. A body-to-body massage rejuvenates and improves a person’s ability to connect and bond with another person.

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